Festival Water

Supplying Drinking Water for Your Events & Festivals


Liquiline specialises in providing the best event water services in the country. Our services cover every possible requirement you may have, from transporting clean, drinking water to venues to managing a constant supply of clean drinking water throughout your event.

Our portable water supply system can meet the demand of events and festivals of any size. We have the equipment and the team to support the UK's biggest and best events and festivals. This means you can sit back and relax while Liquiline handles all your event water needs.

You need not worry about any kind of challenging environment or unusual venue. Our expert Technicians and Plumbers are capable of tackling any on-site issue no matter where or when you require Drinking Water we are your one stop shop. Our team and high quality equipment are here for you to ensure the highest quality of water is available throughout the duration of your event.

We cover everything from transporting to managing a good clean supply of drinking water throughout your event. We also handle disposal of waste water. Liquiline specializes in:


Advice & Planning for Event Water Needs

In order for the water demands of your event to be met properly, planning is paramount. Contact us today and let us know what event you're planning to host and our experts will take care of all your water needs. The plan will be used as a base for our operations throughout the event but we are always on-hand to cope with that unexpected influx of guests.

Full Installation & Management Services

Transporting clean and drinkable water to the venue is just the first part of the process. Full installation and supply of supporting distribution equipment, including drinking water delivery solutions, is needed in order for the water supply to be delivered to your revellers.


Stand Pipes & Drinking Water Solutions

Stand pipes and drinking water solutions guarantee an uninterrupted and steady supply of drinking water to any number of people attending your event or festival. Our past experience in dealing with large events all over the UK enable us to plan and execute the best delivery solution possible.

Drinking Water Storage/Tanks

Even the highest water demand can be met with our extensive fleet of Water tankers and onsite pillow water tanks. Our storage tanks are capable of providing 50,000 litres of water in any one area of your festival while our delivery tankers can dispense more than 28,000 litres in less than 20 minutes.

Chlorination Facilties

As part of our efforts to maintain the highest Health & Safety standards, we maintain our own chlorination facilities. This allows us to fine-tune every aspect of the chlorination process to meet the demands of "YOU" our valued clients while in turn leaving you with the total confidence our water is safe for your festival goers.


Drinking water is only part of what we can offer. We can supply all the cleansing equipment and facilities you may need, including sinks, heaters, toilets and shower blocks.


Your event needs to be environmentally friendly, which means water must be managed and disposed of properly without damaging the environment. Our comprehensive water management and waste disposal services, you can rest assured knowing that your waste water is processed disposed of in the safest way possible, both on-site and off-site.

Our wide range of services can be tuned to meet any situation our services highly customizable and as such we can easily perform any complicated supply to any complicated situation. Simply call us today to discuss your requirements and we will be more than happy to help.

Comprehensive Event Water Services

Liquiline is here to provide you with event water services from A to Z, giving you the ease of a one stop shop and removing any issues with your water supply, water management and water disposal during your event or festival.

To ensure the success of your event or festival, contact our experts at Liquiline todaY.