330ml Bottled Water Supplier

Our 330ml bottled mineral water is packed conveniently in cases of 24, and is available with either a flat (twist off) cap, or sports cap.

330ml Bottled Mineral Water Flat Cap/Sports Cap

Their size makes 330ml bottles of water the ideal companion to competitors at various sporting and endurance events.

330ml bottled mineral water is compact and lightweight, making it easy to pick up while on the move, and then to carry while walking, running or cycling.

330ml bottled water delivers the athletes more thirst quenching, rehydrating water than a paper or plastic cup, and without the waste of using 500ml bottles of water which often only get two thirds consumed.

Close up of five water bottles

330ml Bottled Water Availability

330ml Screw Cap
Bottles per Case 24
Cases per Pallet 108

330ml Sports Cap
Bottles per case 24
Cases per Pallet 96

330ml Bottled Sparkling Mineral Water

Available in flat/screw cap only
Bottles per Case 24
Cases per Pallet 84

330ml Bottled Mineral Water Delivery

330ml bottled mineral water is available across the UK. Whether you require flat or sports cap bottles of 330ml natural mineral water, it will be delivered by the pallet by a tail lift vehicle (to kerbside). For most areas of mainland Britain, the standard delivery time will be '2-4' business days from the time of order. A next day service is available on request.

Product Information

  • Shelf life: 24 months.
  • Store out of direct sunlight.
  • Once opened refrigerate & consume with 3 Days.

Please call a member of our team on 0800 1448215 for prices