Industrial Water Services

Industrial Water Services

UK Industry and manufacturers are wholly reliant on a secure, quality-assured water supply where it is used as raw material, coolant, or indeed, an energy source. It is a core factor in the manufacture of goods across all sectors of industry.

Maintaining business continuity - when you need a temporary water supply solution

A water supply is fundamental in the production of nearly all items that we use, wear or consume every day. This becomes apparent when contemplating some real-life facts and figures. For instance, are you aware that it takes:

  • 13+ litres of water to make 1 litre of paint
  • 130 pints of water to make a pint of beer (inclusive of ingredients)
  • 8+ litres of water to manufacture the plastic for a 500ml bottle of water
  • 1.39 litres of water, to make one litre of water

Whether you need a delivery of bulk water or delivery of demineralised water for production purposes, or you need an emergency supply due to an interruption in your mains supply, Liquiline can certainly help.

We are able to provide a water supply, using our fleet of water tankers, water bowsers and a vast range of water storage tanks.

Liquiline can also provide a contingency planning service, helping you to mitigate the effects of any water loss or contamination incident.