Arbuckle’s required a bigger supply!

Karma Enterprises were close to completing the  fit out their new Arbuckles restaurant and bar in Ely Cambridgeshire, when they discovered that the water supply available to them on site was simply not adequate  to operate their business effectively, due to both volume and pressure issues. Put simply,  there was water on site, just not enough of it!

It became obvious to director John Murphy, who was overseeing the build that the supply would not keep up with the demand of a busy restaurant, and that unless he could find a solution until the local water utility could install a new water main, he would not be able to open this new 170 cover restaurant.


Working on data produced by his Arbuckles restaurant in nearby Downham Market, John new that he required around 10 000 litres each day to run his business. The water had to be quality assured and fully audited as such, with any solution to his problem satisfying environmental health requirements and water regulations alike.


The on-site supply was tested and analysed to ensure its quality. Once the clear results were received back from the UKAS approved laboratory, Liquiline installed two, 10 000 litre static water tanks which were connected to the existing  supply via a double check valve. Filling of the tank was controlled by a float valve. The tanks were connected to an on demand water pump, which in turn was plumbed into the building.

This meant that a pressurised water supply was available to all parts of the restaurant, and that the contractors were able to complete the chlorination and commissioning of the internal water pipes.

Having two tanks on site meant that should there have been an interruption to the on-site supply, there was spare capacity in the system, which would have given Liquiline ample time to deploy a water tanker to site if required.

The Liquiline solution ensured that the latest Arbuckles opened on time, and provided a quality assured water supply for nine weeks until a new water main was installed.

John Murphy said, "I called Liquiline looking for help. Hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of investment was at stake here.

I must say they were professional and efficient, and their  system has worked incredibly well......They have been a lifesaver!"