Temporary Water Supply

Temporary Water Supply

When is a temporary water supply required?

We deploy temporary water supplies to a clients site when either;

  • there is no existing mains water supply
  • the mains water supply is interrupted in some way, such as a mains failure or contamination incident
  • the private water supply (borehole / spring etc) is interrupted or contaminated in some way

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What does a temporary water supply consist of?

Our temporary water supply services can be supplied in various forms, depending on the clients specific requirements, the temporary water supply will comprise of one or a combination of the following;

  • Drinking water tanker
  • Water bowser
  • Temporary bulk water storage tank and pump
  • Water Standpipe
  • Temporary water supply network design and build
  • Drinking water testing
  • Ongoing water quality management
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A property may only need a boost to its existing water supply. This may only require a water tanker or water to be deployed in order to pump quality assured water direct into the clients onsite water storage.

If a client has suffered an interruption to their existing mains supply and does not have any water facility, Liquiline can deliver a temporary water storage tank, which along with an on demand water pump will deliver the temporary water storage supply into the building. Our water tanker or water bowser will then make regular deliveries into the tank.

We can deliver any volume of quality assured, temporary water supplies using our fleet of dedicated drinking water tankers and water bowsers. When your permanent water supply is returned, our temporary water supply solutions are quick to remove from any site.

Temporary Water Supply Quality

All temporary water supply installations are undertaken by EUSR trained site plumbers who assure the safe connection of our temporary water systems.

With regards to quality, the provision of a temporary supply system differs little from that of installing a permanent mains water supply. Both systems have to be to be installed in line the Water Supply (Water Quality) and Private Water Supply Regulations (with the temporary water supplies subject to BS8551).

If you need a temporary water supply, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 1448215, or email office@liquiline.co.uk



Liquiline can supply multi tap handwash stations for emergency/ temporary use. The handwash stations can be connected to an existing mains water supply or fed from a temporary bowser or tank where a mains water supply is not available. Each unit benefits from having 8 non-concussive push taps to allow for multiple use at one time and help reduce queues. Multiple hand wash stations can be connected together to high usage situations.

The push taps are more hygienic than traditional twist taps as user don’t have to touch the tap again once they have washed their hands. Supplied these on a hire only basis or as part of a complete temporary water supply solution including water bowsers/ tanks, pumps and plumbing connections.


  • Fast to deploy and install
  • Multiple units can be delivered from 1 vehicle
  • 8 taps for high use situations
  • Designed for both outdoor and indoor use
  • Non- concussive push taps for hygienic protection
  • We can supply all the cleansing equipment and facilities you may need, including
  • Sinks, heaters, tanks, bowsers, pipework

We can supply all the cleansing equipment and facilities you may need including sinks, heaters and connections to toilets and shower blocks.