Potable Water

Potable Water

Liquiline supplies Potable Water in different ways. Potable water is available in one, or a combination of the following ways....

Option One: Potable Water Bowser

All bowsers (and tankers) operated by Liquiline are dedicated to only carrying drinking quality, or potable water.

When a small delivery of up to 2000 litres of potable water is required, our water bowser and 4x4 combinations is the ideal solution.

These lightweight and manoeuvrable units can deliver potable water anywhere, on or off road.

Do you need a small delivery of quality assured, potable water?... please call our team on 01258 830324.

Option Two: Potable Water Tanker

There are two types of potable water tanker available to make bulk deliveries of quality assured water.

Articulated water tankers can make deliveries of up to 30 000 litres of potable water, while smaller rigid chassis tankers deliver up to 16 500 litres.

Depending on the amount of potable water you need to have delivered, and any access or weight restrictions you have either on, or on the way to your site, we have a vehicle to suit.

Each potable water tanker is equipped with a high capacity pump for quick and effective unloading.

Bulk delivery of potable water? No problem. Call us now on 01258 830324.

Potable Water Tanks

There are four types of potable water tanks on our hire fleet:

1. 2000 litre static potable water tanks.

Easily deployable, these potable water tanks water in the event of an emergency, or to sites where a small amount of water is required.

2. 10 000 litre static potable water tanks

10 000 litre potable water tanks are the mainstay of our potable water tank hire fleet. They provide quality assured water to various construction projects, festival and event site across the UK

3. 50 000 litre potable water pillow tanks

50 000 litre potable water tanks are large enough to provide enough water for production and overnight campers at a small festival or event.

Used individually or in multiples, these bulk potable water storage tanks deliver what is required for medium and large scale events.

For all your potable water requirements, call Liquiline now on 01258 830324.

What is Potable Water?

Potable water, is water deemed safe enough for human consumption i.e. as drinking water and for food preparation purposes. Generally, (although not exclusively) potable water has been through a process to ensure its quality.

Potable water should be clear, odourless and almost taste free, and contain a balance of minerals. It must also meet very high standards of hygiene under the various UK water regulations

What is Non Potable Water?

Water which is not safe to drink is referred to as non potable.

Non potable water can carry harmful bacteria (leading to diseases) and contaminates such as chemicals or heavy metals. if consumed, this water can make people seriously ill, possibly even leading to death.

Please call our team now to discuss your potable water needs on 01258 830324.