MOD Staff Accommodation

MOD Staff Accommodation - London Olympics 2012


To supply and install sufficient water storage and associated infrastructure to cater for the welfare needs of MOD personnel who were providing invaluable help in the smooth running of the London games in 2012.

The solution needed to be robust and adaptable as the numbers of staff on site each could range from 1500 to 4000 each day.


Working closely with the Royal Engineers on site, we supplied and installed 200,000 litres of potable water storage. This was continually filled using two vehicles from our dedicated drinking water tanker fleet.

A team of drivers stayed on site, working in shifts to provide 24 hour tanker support, while our on site plumbers were on hand to carry our routine maintenance, and daily analysis to ensure the quality of the water supplied.

We were also tasked with management of all of the waste water at the site. To store the waste water, 200,000 litres of waste water storage was installed, and connected to the waste water infrastructure.

The water storage tanks were emptied by two vacuum tanks on a regular basis, with liquid waste disposed of at a local sewage treatment works.

Throughout the period, the camp used in excess of 14 million litres of potable water, all of it delivered by a Liquiline water tanker, with a similar volume of waste water managed, and removed from site.