Bath Range Launch

Our client had been contracted by a well known national bath retailer to oversee the launch of a new range of  baths and accessories.

A converted railway arch in Hackney, East London was chosen as the venue, with the launch taking place over two consecutive nights, hosting various VIP's and members of the trade press.


There were eight baths installed on a stage, each of which required to be filled, drained and cleaned three times during both evenings, requiring a total of some 6000 litres per night.

The baths were not merely for show, they were to be enjoyed by the invited guests. Unfortunately, the hot and cold water supplies in the venue were not capable of keeping up the volume needed.


Liquiline installed a 10 000 litre water storage tank at the rear of the building, filling it by tanker, with quality assured water.

We then built two pressurised water networks; one hot, one cold, inside the building under the stage on which the baths were located.

Each evening, we generated hot water at our facility, and transported it to site in a fully insulated water tanker, which was parked next to the cold water tank.

The hot and cold water supplies were then connected to their relevant networks, and the baths were filled as normal using their taps, allowing each bather to relax in a bath with a temperature perfect for them.

Waste water was plumbed into a mains drain.