We are responding to Climate Change by offsetting our carbon footprint

Travel is typically the largest source of emissions from live events. We’re working with the charity ecolibrium to tackle these impacts. This year we’re recording our travel miles and the associated carbon emissions, reducing these emissions wherever possible, and then donating to balance these emissions through ecolibrium’s climate solutions programmes…

Ecolibrium works with many organisations, artists and individuals to tackle thousands of tonnes of travel emissions, through investment in supporting ecosystem protection, regeneration and clean energy.

Since 2015, ecolibrium has worked with over 100 members to balance the carbon emissions from over 19 million travel miles. They provide resources, tools, advice and inspiration to reduce travel emissions and invest in climate solutions – supporting ecosystem protection, regeneration and clean energy generation. Visit ecolibrium’s website to find out more: www.ecolibrium.earth.

Reducing carbon emissions for travel by offsetting our carbon footprint

Energy solutions that reduce the effects of carbon emissions

Offsetting our carbon footprint means reducing the impact of climate change

Climate Solutions Programmes

Energy Revolution

Energy Revolution invests in community-led projects that generate clean renewable energy, benefitting the community they exist within. This was ecolibrium’s first climate solutions programme, launched in 2015, and as of 2021, with the support of 100+ members, they have supported 10 brilliant projects.

Through Energy Revolution, the price per tonne of CO2 is £50. The transition to a low-carbon economy is vital. The Eco Team calculates our travel miles and offsets the effects of the carbon produced to reverse the effects of climate change.



The Trees+ programme includes the option to mitigate the impacts of unavoidable travel CO2e emissions by investing in climate solutions with social benefits that go beyond ‘balancing’ and ‘offsetting’ in line with current UN approaches.